Launched in 2018, Tineit has become a mature and growing brand.

Our founder's wish is that "Every woman can always have beauty and fashion", so she combined her life attitude and keen product awareness to integrate the fashion beauty brand Tineit, which not only reshaped the face of the cosmetics industry, but also Influenced the global cosmetics market.

Tineit has earned a wide-ranging reputation for its constant pursuit of innovation and excellence. Today, Tineit's skincare, makeup and products are known for their leading technology and superior results, and are sold in more than 130 countries around the world.

Tineit's brand spirit continues to this day, laying a valuable foundation for future growth. There is a huge reason to partner with fashion pioneers who are looking for breakthroughs with a loyal consumer base of science and technology. The quest for beauty will last forever.

We are popular all over the world, we have been keeping up with the trend, we are committed to creating a comprehensive, multi-faceted and high-level brand for all beauty lovers, a brand that can experience one-stop service, in addition, we provide high-quality and affordable discounts products that let you buy a full line of beauty products in one store.

Makeup is about being who you want to be and is the best way for a woman to live.

Exquisite makeup is a silent recommendation letter, and it is also your shirt to upgrade and fight monsters; it allows you to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude when facing the difficulties of life; because you are the only heroine in your life, it is better to please than to please the world. Own. Facing the outside world, with a protective net on his face, he is not nervous. We hope you interpret your own beauty.

We believe that beauty is not just a gorgeous appearance, but a clever fusion of nature and science to bring out the natural beauty of women. Adhering to this creed, Tineit has always been at the forefront of the beauty industry, constantly bringing new products and concepts to beauty-loving women.

We are very concerned about the quality of our brand and the real thoughts of our customers. We hope to build more trust with our customers. To understand our business and work content, please feel free to email us. Our E-mail is support@


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